Outlaw Poet

10 foot shots on an 8 foot goal

backyard full court
8 foot goal on one end
10 foot on the other
grass worn down to hard dirt

10 foot rim leans to the left
and is too high in the front
8 foot rim sags in front
and leans to the right

it’s time to order new nets
from the sears catalog
and we keep pumping air
into the bald basketball

but all we care about is the game
5 on 5 shirts and skins
24 by 2 and 4 up to win
winning team stays in

keeps playing till the last glimmer
of sunlight is gone
backyard full court
10 foot shots on an 8 foot goal

ron whitehead

from blistered asphalt on dixie highway
Kentucky Basketball, Poetry in Motion
a work in progress by Ron Whitehead

Copyright (c) 2015 Ron Whitehead