Outlaw Poet

Amazing! I’m going through Mama’s notes, journals, and photos adding poems, stories, photos, notes, interviews for the paperback edition of MAMA: a poet’s heart in a kentucky girl and discovered the handwritten songbook, the list of songs and funerals Mama and her sister, my aunt, Jo Carolyn sang at from 1951 to 1998. I know there are more because they continue to sing, occasionally, at funerals. But this is a comprehensive list of 161 funerals, starting with their grandmother Lola Render’s funeral in 1951, The Lord is My Shepherd. I was born November 23, 1950. Mama always took me, the oldest of six, and then my siblings as they came along, to all the funerals and weddings she and Jo sang for. To this day I get funerals and weddings confused. No wonder!!!!