Outlaw Poet

on completing my work of honoring Hunter S. Thompson in his hometown

on November 23rd i turn 65. i’m getting older and younger at the same time
faster than ever. i’m on creative fire like never before. especially with my
writing. i’m shifting gears heading in ever new directions. exploring
untraveled territories.

in 1994, while teaching at the University of Louisville, after conversations with historian Douglas Brinkley, i began efforts to get Hunter S. Thompson honored
in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky.

on December 12, 1996 i produced, with the help of an army of young people, the official Hunter S. Thompson Tribute, in Hunter’s hometown of Louisville. i brought in Hunter, his mother Virginia, his son Juan, Johnny Depp, Warren Zevon, Roxanne Pulitzer, David Amram, Douglas Brinkley, and many others. it was a sensational 4-hour happening!

Hunter and i hung out a few times.

in 1998 Hunter wrote some incredibly nice words about me,

“I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as nine loons
and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom and pure mathematics.”

Hunter asked me to watch out for his mother Viriginia. and i did. we became
good friends. she was a remarkable lady.

when Hunter died i produced a benefit concert in Louisville. i wrote a Tribute plus
my 13 Suggestions for Louisville to honor Hunter. i later added a 14th,

Keep Louisville Gonzo.

yet not one person came on board to help make my suggestions happen.
i talked but no one listened.

that is until my friend Dennie Humphrey called me one day in 2010 and
said he’d like to produce a Gonzofest Louisville but only if i’d join forces
with him. i was excited, and relieved. naturally i said HellYes!!

GonzoFest Louisville 2015 was our 5th Anniversary celebration!!!!!

the GonzoFest Louisville Production Team (i call The Magnificent Seven,
a favorite film!) is the best production team i’ve ever worked with. and that’s
saying a lot. i’ve produced over 3,000 Arts events and festivals throughout
Europe & the USA.

21 years after i started my efforts of getting Hunter’s life and work honored
in his hometown of Louisville, Kentucky the City, including Mayor Greg Fischer,
The Best Gonzo Mayor in The World, has come on board with full support.
a few thousand folks attended GonzoFest Louisville 2015!!!!!

so the time has come for me to happily (& with great relief) head into
new adventures.

i’ll continue to attend GonzoFest Louisville each year and say
hello to all my friends.

but now i gladly turn things over completely to Dennie Humphrey and
The Magnificent Seven GonzoFest Production Team.

Thank You ALL!!!!!!!

Ron Whitehead