Outlaw Poet


Ron Whitehead represents Kentucky in The Belated Burial of The Confederate Flag, A John Sims Project. Ron will read his poem Searching for Abraham Lincoln: The Belated Burial of The Confederate Flag, Who Will Save Us Know. Ron will be accompanied by guitarist Lee Troutman. Nick Storm, Storm Generation Films, will film the event. The… Read more »

on completing my work of honoring Hunter S. Thompson in his hometown on November 23rd i turn 65. i’m getting older and younger at the same time faster than ever. i’m on creative fire like never before. especially with my writing. i’m shifting gears heading in ever new directions. exploring untraveled territories. in 1994, while… Read more »

what the hell is normal?

what the hell is normal? normal is a state of equilibrium in which i feel balanced and at one with myself and my environment. normal is relative to each individual. normal changes in each moment in every breath. what is normal for you is not normal for me. what is normal for me is not… Read more »

I’m excited that Matthew Weir is creating the life size bronze statue of Hunter S. Thompson. I’m also excited to announce that Ralph Steadman is acting as an advisor to Matt as he creates the model for the statue which will be unveiled (model & plans) at GonzoFest Louisville 2015! Our goal this year is… Read more »

i’m not gonna take it anymore

it’s friday in kentucky i hear cars and trucks rumbling across the usa i hear lost souls grumbling louder every night every day i’m not gonna take it anymore it’s friday in kentucky but weeks they never end for me i work 2 jobs sometimes 3 i get paid minimum wage i’m not gonna take… Read more »