Outlaw Poet


I recognize, honor, and respect my influences

I recognize, honor, and respect my influences. I did a deep study of all the traditional forms of poetry and prose writing. I mastered scansion. Then I went my own way. I found my voice by journeying back to my earliest memories and writing them down. All of them. Including the fragmented memories, the dream… Read more »


Never Give Up that’s the title of the autobiography i’m working on. i look rough as hell in this photo with my dear dear friend Marjorie Richmond. Happy 108th Birthday to Marjorie!!!! she died at age 102. she and Anna Mitchell-Hedges had the same birthday. Anna was 2 years younger than Marjorie. 25 years ago… Read more »

“Crow Medicine” postcard (collage)

Wow!! my sweetheart Jinn Bug is forever creating new art!! this is some of what she did today!! Fantastic job Jinn!!!! Jinn Bug: I made this today. I’ve been having fun experimenting with one-of-a-kind postcards and greeting cards stitched in FELT. smile emoticon They’re all about 5×7″ so they can be framed; a blank card… Read more »

Occupy The Edge

Congratulations Ryan Case & Grant Goodwine on being the official GonzoFest 2015 artists!! I’m proud to have the original of this Ryan Case Occupy The Edge work on the wall next to works by Ralph Steadman & David Minton & Howard Wilson!!!! Occupy The Edge Gonzo Style! 8×10 inch print (of an original painting). Your… Read more »

5th Anniversary GonzoFest 2015!!!!!

I’m inviting All my Friends round the World to join us in celebrating the life and work of my friend Hunter S. Thompson at the biggest bestest 5th Anniversary GonzoFest 2015!!!!! Ron Whitehead, GonzoFest Chief of Poetics & Gonzo Today Poetry Editor