Outlaw Poet

down on my knees

somehow i had tipped over
one of the 5 patron tequila

double shots so i was
down on my knees

sucking it up
off the stage floor

at al’s bar holler poets
monthly poetry series

i was the featured poet
as usual i had been drinking

red wine all day for days
and nights and years

at the bar before the show
friends bought me a

double shot of patron tequila
and when my turn came

to take the stage
i found 5 more double shots

lined up on the floor
so after drinking the one

i spilled i turned up
the other four

then i shared
my poetry

after my performance
there was a line

of friendly folks
buying books and cds

saying hello and thank you
and taking photos with me

good people and
no i didn’t throw up

i didn’t pass out
but i did decide

to not drink so much
at my next reading

ron whitehead

copyright (c) 2015 ron whitehead