Outlaw Poet

i pray

i pray
i speak i have conversations with
the creative forces of the universe
many pray many speak but few listen
the 2nd part of prayer is to listen
i listen
i pay attention to the voices
the answered prayers coming to me
through the stillness
through the holes in the walls
i recognize i honor the 3am dreams the 4am visions
i act
through action i manifest the numinous gifts
presented to me while in liminal states of consciousness
the 3rd part of prayer is action
by acting on my dreams
by summoning all my will power
by never giving up
no matter what is going on
no matter how many failures
never give up
i manifest my dreams
i make them real
here in this 3 dimensional world
i pray
to uplift and inspire
to comfort and heal
to awaken
all and everything
to the fact that fear is the great lie
fear is forever trumped by love
there is only one commandment
which is not a commandment
it is a free will choice
the only free will choice is
i pray

ron whitehead