Outlaw Poet

One Gonzo Spirit

In 1994 I initiated my efforts to honor Hunter S. Thompson in his home town and state, Louisville, Kentucky. I’m thankful to finally see much honoring of Hunter’s life and work in Louisville and Kentucky.

Far back as I can recall I’ve had multitudinous interests. I’m a blessed man. Poetry has taken this Kentucky farm boy all over the world on one adventure after another. And, thankfully, the adventures continue.

I have 3 grown children & 5 grandchildren, with another on the way. All presently living in Louisville, Kentucky. And I have 2 godchildren in Reykjavik, Iceland. And they have children too.

This summer solstice Jinn Bug and I will celebrate our 4th Anniversary! I am happier than ever. I’m on creative fire like never before.

For over 20 years I taught 20th Century European Literature, Humanities, The Arts, and Writing at colleges and universities. I continue to present scholarly talks, readings, and workshops around the world. For 25 years I have traveled toured the world presenting thousands of performances of my creative work.

I have authored 30 books and 40 cds. I have edited and published hundreds and hundreds of titles. I have produced hundreds and hundreds of Music & Poetry & Arts Events throughout Europe and the USA.

After several recent near death experiences, at 64 years of age, I am healthier and happier than ever.

The time has come to yet again to shift gears. I’m working on several collaborative creative projects plus I’m writing several new books, including my autobiography.
I yearn to have more free time to visit, adventure, and do creative work with Jinn.

After GonzoFest 2015 I will be limiting my One Gonzo Spirit energies to
GonzoFest Louisville for which I will stay on, in an honorary capacity, as
co-founder and Chief of Poetics.

For GonzoFest 2015 I will be performing with the kickass new Louisville band Buffal0, Friday night April 10th, at The Monkey Wrench, and Saturday, April 11th, on The Spoken Word Stage. I will also present The State of Gonzo Keynote Address during which I’ll have a special surprise gift for members of the GonzoFest Production Team!

After GonzoFest 2015, Lord willing, I’ll show up at future GonzoFests to say hello to all my One Gonzo Spirit friends from around the world.

For 21 years, since 1994, it’s been one hell of a wildass Gonzo Adventure!!!!
Once Gonzo Always Gonzo!!!! So even though I’m shifting gears moving in new directions The Gonzo Spirit will forever burn bright in me!!

GonzoFest 2015, our 5th Anniversary Celebration, will take place Saturday, April 11th downtown on the beautiful Ohio River Waterfront Harbor Lawn.

I have enjoyed, honored, and respected Hunter S. Thompson’s life and work from the release of Hell’s Angels until now. I am excited, and relieved, that the work I started in 1994 is picking up steam and gaining ardent new supporters. Thank you Hunter S. Thompson!!!! Thank you Ralph STEADman!!!! Thank you Dennie Humphrey and GonzoFest Production Team members Mike Maloney, Jake Mahaffey, Lauren Hendricks, Derrick Pedolzky, Nick Garing, and David Nichols for your continued non-stop hard work!!!! Thank you Mayor Greg Fischer and The City of Louisville! Thank you One Gonzo Spirit fans everywhere for honoring Hunter in his hometown! Thank you Kentucky Journalism Hall of Fame! Thank you Kentucky Writers Hall of Fame!

Whether you know Hunter as a madman or a visionary, whether you see him as a drunk devil knocking in vain on the Gates of Heaven or a brilliant native son of the Bluegrass, I invite each and every one of you to the biggest bestest celebration of Hunter S. Thompson’s life and work and One Gonzo Spirit!! I invite ALL to join forces with us in Hunter’s Gonzoville on Saturday April11th!!

See you ALL at GonzoFest Louisville 2015!!!!!

One Gonzo Spirit!!!!!

Ron Whitehead, Kentucky poet