Outlaw Poet

please don’t say goodbye

please don’t say goodbye
climb into your rusted blue
’46 Dodge pickup and yes
head west dropping beer cans
through the hole in the floor
right next to the gear shift
scatter Budweisers cross Kansas
please don’t look back don’t
wave don’t cry hold onto
that damn vibrating pulling hard to the left
steering wheel and every time you stop
for gas or to take a beer piss
make sure and check the air
in that bald right front tire
here’s 23 dollars it’s all i’ve got
and no shut the hell up i don’t
want to hear it i want you
to have it don’t look back
you’ll always be with me no matter
where you go and i with you
please don’t say goodbye
nothing is lost nothing forgotten

ron whitehead

copyright (c) 2008 & 2015 ron whitehead