Outlaw Poet


10 foot shots on an 8 foot goal

backyard full court 8 foot goal on one end 10 foot on the other grass worn down to hard dirt 10 foot rim leans to the left and is too high in the front 8 foot rim sags in front and leans to the right it’s time to order new nets from the sears catalog… Read more »

down on my knees

somehow i had tipped over one of the 5 patron tequila double shots so i was down on my knees sucking it up off the stage floor at al’s bar holler poets monthly poetry series i was the featured poet as usual i had been drinking red wine all day for days and nights and… Read more »

please don’t say goodbye

please don’t say goodbye climb into your rusted blue ’46 Dodge pickup and yes head west dropping beer cans through the hole in the floor right next to the gear shift scatter Budweisers cross Kansas please don’t look back don’t wave don’t cry hold onto that damn vibrating pulling hard to the left steering wheel… Read more »

celebrating World Poetry Day saturday March 21st 2015!!

the bone man the bone man dances circles round the subterranean gloom paints pink and blue and purple until he fills the room with the smell of roses and a pandemonium moon ron whitehead copyright (c) 1994 & 2015 ron whitehead

the ending of time, an alchemical rant

“time was, time is, time will be no more” the brazen head and it’s the big bang epiphany in the gap between thought and image voices streams racing whispering through my blood pleading through my bones strange activities of my nerves the unconscious life of the mind a tetrameter of iambs marching shouting alchemically transmutative… Read more »