Outlaw Poet


from pissing alley to the globe

from pissing alley to the globe i finished my 1.5 liter bottle of harvey’s club amontillado medium dry sherry i walked crookedly down pissing alley i stumbled into a borrowed boat and oared myself across the thames to the globe where i had the starring role in hamlet i played the skull ron whitehead copyright… Read more »

moon poem series

moon poem series #1 soughing in the branches a birthmark heart on her forehead the brindled immigrant miles from her mother lost on this new mexico desert pine nettle moon mid winter night serenaded by a lonely owl soughing in the branches ron whitehead copyright (c) 2015 ron whitehead moon poem series #2 no more… Read more »

i’m not gonna take it anymore

i’m not gonna take it anymore it’s friday in kentucky i hear cars and trucks rumbling across the usa i hear lost souls grumbling louder every night every day i’m not gonna take it anymore it’s friday in kentucky but weeks they never end for me i work 2 jobs sometimes 3 i get paid… Read more »

Searching for Abraham Lincoln

visited Springfield flew to Louisville drove Bardstown Road to St. Catharine College then on to The Starving Artist Cafe Welcome to Springfield, Kentucky wandered Main street side streets lost for hours small suitcase weighed down with heavy words The Emancipation Proclamation The Gettysburg Address Abraham Lincoln’s words his works his life biography of his boyhood… Read more »

The Storm Generation Manifesto

we tip our hats to the lost and the beat we go our own way we are the storm generation we are the fucking storm we are a new generation of artists we are poets writers painters sculptors composers musicians singers dancers playwrights filmmakers we are creative expression we blow away lies and injustice we… Read more »