Outlaw Poet


The Storm Generation

Literary LEO was founded in 1993 as an open forum for unpublished, original work, representing the creative voice of our city. Among the contributors to that first issue was Kentucky’s outlaw poet, Ron Whitehead, who is also the subject of Jinn Bug’s first-place black and white photo “Iconoclast,” published on this issue’s cover. Based on… Read more »

Published in Heaven Books & Audio – Dr. John Rocco, literary scholar, critic, professor of English at SUNY Maritime, New York.

Review of Ron Whitehead’s The Third Testament:  Three Gospels of Peace & Closing Time:   And in the red clouds rose a Wonder over the Atlantic sea: Intense! naked! a Human fire fierce glowing, as the wedge Of iron heated in the furnace; his terrible limbs were fire With myriads of cloudy terrors banners dark… Read more »

Published in Heaven Books – Kevin Ring, BEAT SCENE, England

RON WHITEHEAD: THE THIRD TESTAMENT Of course Ron Whitehead takes his ‘published in heaven’ lead from one Jack Kerouac. But, thankfully, Whitehead’s books are also available down here on earth for anyone who wants to tap into his radically outspoken way of writing and communicating, as one observer of his work commented ‘…spontaneous transcription emerging… Read more »

REVIEW – David Minton

Ron Whitehead is a poet with a mission. There aren’t enough of those around. He’s been described by Allen Ginsberg as an “energetic Bodhisattvic poetic spirit,” by Lawrence Ferlinghetti as “un brave type!,” by Douglas Brinkley as “one of the remarkable poets of his generation” (Ron was born in 1950), by Hunter Thompson as “crazy… Read more »

NOMINATION FOR NOBEL PRIZE – Nominated by Dr. John Rocco

RON WHITEHEAD: NOMINATION FOR NOBEL PRIZE To The Nobel Prize Committee, I am writing you about one of America’s greatest poets. His name is Ron Whitehead and for his entire career he has written volatile and important verse that has given a new presence to American poetry. Whitehead’s work is in the tradition of the… Read more »