Outlaw Poet

Sex Education

Daddy came home from the mines every day after
4 o’clock and no matter where on the farm we were

we’d tuned our ears to hear his truck comin from
at least two miles away and the first to hear it always

yelled “here comes Daddy!” and no matter what
we were doin we’d run to hide and I knew the 1st

thing Daddy would yell when he set foot on the
ground out of the truck was “Bone come here!”

and the questions would start bout what work we’d
done today and if one thing hadn’t been done or

even done but not done right then I’d get my daily
dose of beatin and it took me years and years to

heal those bleedin wounds but that’s not all i remember
cause there were a handful of mornins before Daddy

went to the mines when he’d come up to our attic
room and I still hear the steps creakin with his big

footsteps walkin up them and he’d put his hand on
our heads on those rare mornins and Daddy said

“boys it’s time to get up” and in that brief touch and
those gentle words I felt and heard his love and it was

those memories that more than anything helped the
healin once it finally happened but I also remember

that spring mornin when Muscle and I were standin
behind the barn with Daddy and that was the day we

received our sex education when we all three looked
across the pond where the bull had mounted the cow

and Daddy said “see that?” and Muscle and I looked
at each other and together said “yeah!” and Daddy

said “alright then” and in one fluid movement Muscle
and I looked from the bull and the cow goin at it and

then up to Daddy then to each other then back to the
bull and the cow goin at it and the sky is turquoise blue

and it fills my soul and a crow caws up there somewhere
and I hear a whippoorwill down in the meadow and the

beagles are barkin and it’s such a beautiful spring day
and I’m glad to be alive and yes that’s my formal sex

education and I reckon that’s all I needed but it wasn’t
long after that I started goin to the library and hidin in

a corner readin whatever book on sex I could get my
hands on cause I just had to know

Ron Whitehead

copyright (c) 2015 Ron Whitehead

from Ron Whitehead’s award winning book
and The Bone Man Saga, volumes 1 & 2