Outlaw Poet

the hound dog taylor hunter s. thompson i gotta get outta this town blues

gimme back my wig
cause i’m thumbin a ride after midnight on
the hound dog taylor hunter s. thompson
alligator new orleans memphis chicago 61
blues highway yes i gotta get outta this town before
somebody does me in

gimme back my wig
the blonde crew cut is the only one that’ll work now cause
it’s already late maybe too late in these last days final
hours of this mitch mcconnell rand paul rush limbaugh
jesse helms george bush ronald reagan
richard nixon joseph mccarthy j. edgar hoover
nsa big brother government this
christian coalition moral majority american
renaissance kkk neonazi militiaman takeover of america the
land of the free home of the brave we killed the indians
why not the decadent poets artists musicians blacks jews
hispanics asians middle easterners homo lesbians beat generation x
smart women smart women outsiders the sad downtrodden
stepped on walked on kicked and killed all the morally

yes please gimme back my wig
i don’t think the red afro gonna work need that skinhead
look tonight slippin left to right and over the fence outta
this hellhole backstreet underground alley i been crowded
into by american brown shirt arm band schoolyard bully

gimme back my wig
i’m climbing out the back window paint brushes and pens
old canvases crumpled papers peanut butter sandwich
hanging from my back all my possessions as the swat
team breaks down the front door cause i’m behind on my
rent and the land lord come to pay me a visit
yes i’m convicted of being on the wrong side and i’m
convinced that this new state is taxation without
representation and i’ve watched this new state force the
1st amendment to disappear and i’ve experienced the
protection of this new omnipotent police state of by and
for the rich

yes i say it’s high time
to put on my wig
and finally say

cause i got a lethal dose of the hound dog taylor
hunter s. thompson gimme back my wig
i gotta get outta this town