Outlaw Poet

The Storm Generation Manifesto

we tip our hats to the lost and the beat
we go our own way
we are the storm generation
we are the fucking storm
we are a new generation of artists
we are poets writers painters sculptors composers musicians singers dancers playwrights filmmakers
we are creative expression
we blow away lies and injustice
we are graphic
we are honest
we tell it like it is
we are fierce
we are brutal
we are compassionate
we are gentle
we are kind
we have soft hearts
we are free
we are spirit
we are sex
we dwell in the realms of the creative imagination
we are the creative imagination
we know that the shortest distance between two points is creative distance
we pay attention to the long forgotten wisdomed voices of the forest
we vanquish the overtly materialistic greedy who intentionally destroy mountains
we honor mountains and oceans and eagles and wolves
we cherish mother earth and all her terrible beauty
we are non-violent spiritual warriors
we are lightning
we are thunder
we are songed poems
we are fearless visionary poets
we have wolf eyes
we are more than the eye of the storm
we are the fucking storm
we refuse
we will not bow down
we will never give up
we are God’s open nerve
we are The Storm Generation

Ron Whitehead and Olafur Gunnarson

Copyright (c) 2008 & 2015 Ron Whitehead