Outlaw Poet

what the hell is normal?

what the hell is normal? normal is a state of equilibrium in which i feel balanced and at one with myself and my environment. normal is relative to each individual. normal changes in each moment in every breath. what is normal for you is not normal for me. what is normal for me is not normal for you. normal and time are ever fleeting. before this sentence is out of my mouth time and normal are gone are already past and looking at time and normal in the past gives resonance to the present which transforms the future which never arrives because all that exists is now. so what is normal? are you normal? am i normal? when i get up in the morning at 3 or 4 or 5 or 6am i drink a 5-hour energy drink then over the next hour i drink 2 or 3 or 4 cups of coffee then an hour later i drink a triple shot of espresso. only then do i begin to feel normal. to feel a state of calm balance of equilibrium. i was born with a high metabolism. many folks are born with slow moving metabolism. i burn more calories than normal even when i’m perfectly calm and relaxed. i require more fuel than most to keep my bonfire blazing bright. i consume large amounts of energy. i give out large amounts of energy. does that make me bad? wrong? good? right? abnormal? normal? what does it mean to say all is relative? what does is mean to say that is normal? what the hell is normal? ah. it’s different all the time, for you and for me. normal.

the bone man